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3565 Hubble Road • Cincinnati, Ohio  45247
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Saturday July 25th - 5:30PM till Midnight
Sunday July 26th- 4:00PM till 10:00PM
Friday July 24th - 6:00PM till Midnight
The Saint James Festival is a spectacular summer event whose sucess is dependent on You our parishioners, and those who enthusiastically give their time, talents and treasures to ensure that it continues to be the best and most well recieved event in the community. We are looking for parishioners to get involved in all levels of the festival progression from start to finish and everywhere in between. Help with moving items from and to storage, work in a booth, be a Booth Chairperson or to join our awesome FESTIVAL COMMITTEE. We promise you will have fun!
*Please note: Children entering the sixth grade or younger are only permitted to work in a booth with their parent(s). Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/gardian signed permission form. In compliance with Ohio state laws, children are not permitted to work in gambling booths or near high temperature cooking equipment.
General Booths
Children & Teens
Food Booths
Games of Chance
-Baskets for all Occasions**
-Jewelry Resale**
-Bid-N-Buy **
-First Aid (Dr.'s, Nurses, & EMT's)
-Ham { Langen's}
-Bengals Ticket Raffle

-Bottle Stand Up
​​-Crack the Safe
-Hoop Shot (basketball)​
-Gold Fish
-Kid's Corral: Duck Pond, Wheel of Fortune, Winnie Sucker Pull, Kerplunk,       Bumper Ball, Pencil Pull .Kids Zone 
-Ring Toss
-Fat Cats
-Wheel of Candy
-Wine "St.James Vino"
-Funnel Cakes/Fried Pickles
-Volunteer Soft Drinks                 (inside Gym Lobby)​​
-Pretzels & Nachos, Popcorn
-The Grill​
-Soft Drinks                                (outside on grounds)
-St. James Bakery
-Craft Beer
-Beat The Dealer
-Big 6                   
-Chuck - A - Luck
-Jumbo Poker
-Split The Pot
-Mystery Money
-Rolling for Dough​
-Texas Holdem Tournament.....
   (Saturday Eve)

Take a moment now to volunteer your time and abilities to the success of our Parish Festival. Each year hundreds of volunteers are needed to staff, plan, organize, and run the various booths, activities, food serviced, grounds, mechanical and electrical requirements, marketing, publicity, ect. Check the list of booths below or add a description of a talent you would like to offer, and you will be contacted as schedules are processed. Come, Join OUR Parish Festival as a volunteer and enjoy the fun……….
All Festival
-Set-Up (Wed-Fri before Festival )
-Tear Down ( Mon...after festival )
-Maintenance (present and on call )
-Storage Run  ( Pick up: Tuesday June 25th  @ 6:30, meet in front of   the Gym )​(Clean up and Return:        week following the festival)
-Baskets Preparation
-Dining Tent / Table Clean Up
-​​​Grounds Crew

*  Please list times and dates available for these activities
Simple signup - questions and comments
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Festival Set Up and Tear Down
Food and Games of Chance
General and Children's Booths
-Sunday Chicken Dinner
-Prep Team         2:00pm-4:00pm
-Serving Team     3:30pm-6:30pm​
-Runners              3:30pm-6:30pm
-Dish Washers     4:30pm-7:30pm
-Cashiers  ​​​           3:30pm-6:30pm **
**Positions where workers can be seated
St. James 2019 Volunteer Sign up Form